Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy

$ 60 30 minutes
$ 100 60 minutes

From $ 55 for 30 minutes

Cupping treatments are believed to act as the reverse of massage treatments. That’s because as against applying pressure on the skin, cupping uses vacuum pressure to pull it upwards using a variety of different cupping sets. Once the vacuum is created, the cup can also be moved across the skin in a procedure called sliding cupping. However, care must be taken that the sliding cup does not move over bony areas of the body such as the shoulder blades or the ridges of the spine. This therapy works by loosening muscles and stimulating blood flow to a particular region. Thus it can help relieve the stiffness of muscles and since it works to calm the nervous system, it is also used to treat a host of mental ailments. It relaxes patients and induces a sense of mental and physical peace.

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